Do not pick up, hold or overcrowd the cats.

No-one appreciates being grabbed by a stranger!

Do not feed the cats.

Our cats are on a healthy diet which does not include any human food.

Never disturb a sleeping cat.

They will get cranky and our staff will have to pay for that later.

Use your indoor voice and move in a calm manner.

Loud noises, running and shouting can stress or scare the cats.

No flash photography.

But feel free to take lots of pictures without flash.

Respect and abide by any further instructions given by our team relating to cat welfare during your visit.

Our simple, easy to follow house rules are enforced To ensure that our cats are treated appropriately by all guests.
Cat welfare is, and will always be, our number one priority and is therefore taken very seriously by our team. please respect that, in enforcing these rules, our team are simply performing a duty of care to both our cats & guests.

If you are inexperienced with cats then our trained team
will be happy to share some helpful tips for interacting!















Entry to KITTCHEN is granted subject to the understanding of and agreement to our house rules, and a minimum purchase of 1 item for guest to help cover to cost of cat care. Any guest who does not respect or abide by our house rules will be asked to leave and may not be welcome back.



Our House Rules:

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