our simple &
easy to follow
house rules
are enforced to ensure our cats
are treated with respect by
all guests.


We strongly advise reading our house rules prior to
your visit.

Sanitise your hands on entry.
This is our simple way of keeping our cat family healthy.


Do not pick up, hold or overcrowd the cats.

these pussys grab back.

Do not feed the cats.

human food is for humans.

do not disturb a sleeping cat.

The guilt will cause you sleepless nights.

Use your indoor voice & move in a calm manner.

Loud noises, running and shouting piss off the cats.

No flash photography.

But feel free to take lots of pictures without flash.

Minimum entry age: 12.
children under 16 must be supervised by their owners at all times. No under 18's after 5.00pm.

All under 16's must remain in sight of their accompanying adult at all times.
Under 16's are not permitted to visit without a parent or guardian.


Respect & abide by any further instructions given
by our team relating to cat welfare during your visit.

we speak cat, and we know best. 

if you are inexperienced with cats then our team,
who are trained in feline behaviour & psychology, will be happy
to share some helpful tips for positive interaction.

Our House Rules

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