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Call Us:  015394 36920


  • How much are the walks? Tickets are priced at £7 for adults and £5 for under 12’s/Cowards. Discounts are available for large private tours: Tallow Tales is available for school groups, corporate events, satanic orgies and special occasions.  

  • For how long do the walks last? The walks last for an hour and a half

  • Where do the walks meet and when do they take place? The Hawkshead Ghost Walk takes place every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY evening outside KITTCHEN, The Square, Hawkshead. 

      The Coniston Ghost Walk takes place every FRIDAY evening outside The Lakes          Hot Spot, Tilberthwaite Avenue, Coniston. 

      Times vary, however, according to the seasons, so it is best to check for exact               timings on the Tallow Tales Facebook page or by contacting us directly on                   015394 36920. Private tours are also available.

  • Will I need to book? Booking is essential for these strolls into the unknown. Contact us on 015394 36920

  • How do I pay? For both walks, simply pay the gentleman in the old-fashioned hat. (Cash Only)     

  • Will I need to bring anything? We recommend that you wear appropriate clothing; these walks take place in Cumbria which means that low temperatures and precipitation are inevitable. We wish you to be warm and dry. 

      Please be so good as to wear good shoes/boots as some of the paths that we shall        take may be rough and uneven. 

      Finally, of course, we shall be exploring the unilluminated parts of Lakeland                villages where shadows lengthen and grow sinister. Torches are recommended.

  • Can I bring my dog? The Hawkshead Ghost Walk is suitable for dogs. 

      At this time, however, The Coniston Ghost Walk takes a path which is NOT                suitable for dogs. Many have been lost to forces unknown... 

  • Can I bring my child? These walks are suitable for all, but do remember that we will be traversing long, lonely paths; the child, in question, may get tired. We will be exploring tales of death, pestilence and murder; the child, in question, may be frightened. 

  • How scary is it? It depends very much on your imagination, some guests shriek, others shudder. But one thing is for certain, all these stories possess a certain macabre atmosphere. Tallow Tales employs engaging, traditional storytelling to convey an atmosphere of the deepest unease.


  • Is it safe? Have these stories ever summoned either a restless spirit or a demonic presence? We cannot fully answer this question. Our research suggests that any summoned presence may latch onto any one of our guests in order to use them as a host. To avoid this, the common practice is to make a slight detour before going back to one’s accommodation. Both Coniston and Hawkshead have a variety of charming public houses in which to while away a few hours before returning to dark bedrooms and dark dreams.