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We don’t want to turn our bar into a child-free zone. We do not currently have an age limit and would like to keep it that way, HOWEVER, the welfare of our cats is and always will be our number one priority and therefore parents/guardians are asked to respect that our team act strictly in accordance with our House Rules, particularly in regards to children, and understand that your group will be asked to leave if children are acting inappropriately.

We advise preparing children in advance of visiting by explaining the rules and why they are important. When visiting with children, we will request that you read and agree to our rules in writing. Our rules are common sense and designed to ensure every visitor is as informed as possible when entering the bar. For those with little to no experience with cats, a trained member of our team will be happy to give you some helpful tips. A copy of your signed release will be kept by our staff so you do not need to do this again on future visits :)

We limit the number of children inside at any one time to ensure neither our cats are not overwhelmed, therefore booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

We maintain the right to refuse entry to children we feel may not act appropriately or who arrive in an over-excited manner.

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