About us

Since 2018, KITTchEN has been serving up the purrfect combo of pussy & pints.

We are an independent bar, supporting independent breweries,
and home to our family of seven rescue cats.

The purrfect place to relax, KITTchEN is a sanctuary free from kids & canines.

bAr etiquette

We're pretty chill here at KITTchEN, due to the flowing beer & company of cats.

We do, however, have a few tenets that all guests must abide by
to ensure that our cats remain happy and healthy:

  • Sanitize your hands on entry.

  • Do not: pick up, overcrowd, feed, wake or otherwise piss off our cats.

  • Photography is welcome without flash, and all devices should be silenced.

  • Minimum entry age is 14 and all under 16's must be supervised at all times
    by their owners.
     If you are visiting with under 18's, please read this first.

  • No mithering: good vibes only.

Our Team

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