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in accordance with uk licensing objectives and as part of our commitment to the safeguarding of children & minors:


  1. Under 14's are not permitted on the premises. *

  2. 14-16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the premises.

  3. Under 18's are not permitted on the premises after 6.00pm. *
    *with the exception of pre-booked ticketed performances taking place in The Kabaret,
    of which ticket holders under 18  must attend with an adult.

In consideration of all customers:


  1. Roaming is not permitted and all under 16's must remain seated at a table.

  2. Parents must be mindful of the noise-levels of children, and prevent them from shouting, screaming or disturbing others.

customers should be aware that:


  1. We do not provide a children's menu.

  2. We only permit a limited number of under 18's on site at any one time,
    so booking in advance is highly advised when visiting with children.

  3. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or group:
    (A) who we feel will not behave appropriately
    (B) who arrive in an over-excited manner

    (C) whose group comprises of a disproportionate child to adult ratio

Thank you for your understanding and for being considerate
to our team, to our cats and to all of our customers.

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